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Baptiste Mylondo
Philosopher and Political Scientist

French philosopher and political scientist Baptiste Mylondo has been engaged with the issue of basic income for several years and is the author of: “Ne pas perdre sa vie à la gagner” and “Travailler moins, trois fois moins!” Mylondo is the founder of the nonprofit association "Alter-Conso" which advocates for fair trade and sustainable consumption, and he is active in both the basic income and the Decroissance movements. For more information, see baptiste-mylondo.pdf.

Bruna Augusto Pereira
Coordinator of ReCivitas (Brasil)

Bruna Augusto Pereira originally trained as a biologist and worked for an environmental organisation. In 2006, she co-founded the non-governmental organisation ReCivitas which promotes the introduction of a basic income scheme in Brazil as called for by the constitution. ReCivitas engages in a unique pilot project in the Brazilian village Quatinga Velho, where it pays every resident a basic income.

Claus Offe
Professor of Political Sociology

Claus Offe teaches Political Sociology at the Hertie School of Governance. He completed his PhD at the University of Frankfurt and his Habilitation at the University of Konstanz. In Germany, he has held chairs for Political Science and Political Sociology at the Universities of Bielefeld (1975-1989) and Bremen (1989-1995), as well as at the Humboldt-University of Berlin (1995-2005). He has worked as fellow and visiting professor at, among others, the Institutes for Advanced Study in Stanford, Princeton, and the Australian National University as well as Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley and the New School University, New York.

Götz W. Werner

Götz W. Werner, founder of the drugstore chain dm and a prominent basic income advocate, will be a keynote speaker at the conference. Since 2005, Mr. Werner has been committed to the idea of an unconditional basic income, and founded the initiative "Unternimm die Zukunft". Mr. Werner address is titled "The idea of an unconditional basic income: a kopernican revolution".

Guy Standing
Professor in Dept of Social and Policy Sciences

Guy Standing is an economist and professor at the Department of Social & Policy Sciences at the University of Bath in Great Britain. Before he took up his position as professor he worked for the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva. His main research interests are social security, social transfers, basic income and labour market economics. He is a founding member of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and one of its honorary chairs.

Luis Henrique Paiva
Secretary of Citizenship Income

The National Secretary of Citizenship Income, of the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger of Brazil, Mr. Luis Henrique da Silva de Paiva, has a MSc in Social Policy at the University of Southampton, UK, and a Masters in Sociology at the University of Campinas, SP, as well a Doctorate in Sociology and Politics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais.  He has been a civil servant at the Ministry of Planning and has worked previously in the Ministry of Labour and in the Ministry of Social Security. He also worked for the Chief of Staff in the Brazilian Presidency. He has been working at the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger since 2009, as advisor, Deputy Secretary and, currently , as National Secretary.

Min Geum

Min Geum studied law in Seoul and Göttingen. He was the Socialist Party candidate for president in South Korea in 2007. Min Geum founded the Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN) and is chair of the Council of BIKN. He is particularly concerned with the issue of basic income from the Republican point of view.

Philippe Van Parijs
Chaire Hoover d'éthique économique et sociale

Philippe Van Parijs studied philosophy, law, political economy, sociology and linguistics at the Facultés universitaires Saint Louis (Brussels) and the Universities of Louvain, Oxford, Bielefeld and California (Berkeley). He holds doctorates in the social sciences (Louvain, 1977) and in philosophy (Oxford, 1980). He is professor at the Faculty of economic, social and political sciences of the University of Louvain (UCL).

He is one of the founders of the Basic Income European Network (BIEN), which became in 2004 the Basic Income Earth Network.

Website: IIHS
Renana Jhabvala
Chair of SEWA Bharat

Renana Jhabvala is one of the best-known representatives of women’s interests working in the informal sector in India. She has worked in several positions for the Self-Employed Women's Association of India (SEWA), which represents the interests of self-employed women at risk of poverty. She is also the chair of SEWA’s umbrella organisation Bharat. M. Jhabvala is renowned for her publications on problems facing women in the informal sector.

Website: FIAN online
Rolf Künnemann
Human Rights Director

Rolf Künnemann is the Human Rights Director at the Secretariat of FIAN International in Heidelberg. He has been working on human rights to adequate food, especially in rural areas of the Global South, since 1983.

Specifically focused on basic security / basic income, he authored or co-authored "Basic Income - Option or Obligation" (2005) and "Social cash transfers and Millennium Development Goals - a human rights perspective" (2008). In 2007, he was one of the founders of the Working Group "Social Cash Transfers". Since 2012, Rolf Künnemann has been coordinating the FIAN-program on "Income and Food".